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City centre rapes - how can we respond?
City centre rapes - how can we respond? Strathclyde Police have announced that 2 young men have been arrested in connection with one of the recent rapes in Glasgow city centre. Many people have been shocked at the age of those accused of dragging a woman into a lane in Glasgow city centre and raping her. What it is that could lead to men as young as 14 and 16 carrying out such a horrific crime, and what can we do about it? Police are describing the number of recent city centre sexual attacks as a ‘spate’. There is something about the brazenness and seeming randomness of the attacks that really brings home the fact that rape is a crime which could happen to anyone. Reaction to stranger rapes such as these tend to fall into two categories – advice to women about how to keep safe, and calls for safety measures such as more CCTV, increased police presence on the streets and gating of lanes. In response to one of the lane rapes, the police advised women not to ‘go off on their own’ on a night out. Fair enough, but how are you supposed to get home if you don’t happen to live with every person you ever socialize with?...

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